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Bleed the Faith

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From left to right: Mike Gironda, Ken Mackey, Greg Polson, Jeff Woods, David Lester

Bleed The Faith is:

TJ -vox
Jeff Woods -guitars & vox
Mike Gironda -guitars
David Lester -bass & vox
Ken Macke -drums

"And as we play the parts of tomorrow,
some ways will work and other ways we'll play.
But I know we can't all stay here forever;
so I want to write my words on the face of the sky,
.. and then they'll paint it."

-Change, by Blind Melon

These words are written on the gravestone of Shannon Hoon. These words are also written in Bleed The Faith’s past. It seems to be a word that they are all used to. Change happens in Bleed The Faith more than most bands. Years back when the first creation of Bleed The Faith formed, it started with different musicians, different tastes, and a definitely different sound. The only original member is Greg Polson, and of course Jeff Woods, the founder. The sound BTF used to have years back was similar to Creed, with Greg on guitar primarily, and with them looking for a singer. In fact, when Greg and Jeff first started playing together, they wanted to be a Creed cover band. That goal quickly diminished as their taste in music “changed”.

It took Greg and Jeff months to find a solidified lineup, which included Devin Neel on bass and Ryan Masse on drums. Finding a singer is always a tough job, and for months, BTF went without a singer, much less a name. When Jeff’s friend David Snodgrass decided to try out, he was instantly accepted. BTF also coined the moniker Bitter Hands. They decided to play their first show at the local high school to try out their new music. It was well accepted, although the show did not go as planned. After that show, tensions between Devin and Greg arose and Devin left the band.

Kory Hudson moved in as the next and final bass player BTF ever had. When Devin left, so did Ryan to pursue his other band, Farewell Verona. So Brad Pipkins, a former drummer in Jeff’s old band Strychnine, moved in to complete the outfit. The name also “changed” from Bitter Hands to The Burning Red. After this, Greg and David switched instruments; with Greg on vocals, and David on guitar. After months of practicing, tensions then arose between Greg and David, and David subsequently was forced out of the band. From this point, the band “changed” their name to the final: Bleed The Faith.

The name came from the band mates’ frustration with coming up with a name. They were looking at cd’s, when they spotted the song, Bleed The Freak, by Alice In Chains, and to not look as if they were a copycat image of Godsmack, they “changed” freak to faith. The name has grown to have a deeper meaning however. With the many references to one’s faith, someone would think BTF was a Christian band, however they are not. Bleed The Faith refers to the many viewpoints each member has on their own religion (or lack of). The cross-like symbol is nothing more than a remembrance of their experiences in this band so far.

So after David left, Mike Gironda came in to fill his shoes. Brad Pipkins also quit and Shayne Miller moved in to finalize the lineup. After several shows, both Mike and Shayne were forced from the band, and the final member, Ken Macke came in as drummer. After almost 3 years from the first show, Kory Hudson was then forced from the band, and David Lester filled his shoes. BTF also reunited with Mike Gironda to become a five piece once again. BTF has a dark, yet melodic sound to them. One thing that consistently gets noticed is their eccentric stage show antics, which is not seen much. BTF hails from the Tampa Bay vicinity of Florida. BTF will keep going as long as there are people out there willing to open their eyes and ears to a new sound of rock.

Come join the family:

Official Site: www.bleedthefaith.com
Street Team Site: www.bleedthefaith.tk